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The Ultimate Guide to Unplugged Fun to Get Tweens and Teens Moving in NYC #LilMonstersinNYC #LilMonstersMove

Spring break in NYC is wrapping up but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop! The weather's warming, the sun shines brightly past 6pm and we're ready to get the boys out and about so they don't drive us nuts in the house with all of their energy. Who else can relate? We've got the ultimate guide to unplugged fun for your tweens and teens to stay active and off the gadgets and gizmos.

I'll be darned if we just sit at home and watch youtube stars have a great time experiencing cool things to do, from the sidelines of our sofa. We'll be adding along to this list periodically to help source places to go as Spring Break comes to an end, Summer fun (especially if you're camp mom), staycations and everything in between. So make sure to save this list to your favorite Pinterest boards for future planning and stay tuned for videos over on Lil' Monsters in NYC's Youtube channel.


12th Annual Street Games presented by Disney: 

Saturday, April 27, 2019 ( 11:00 am - 3:00 pm) // Open to all ages and abilities) NYC Parks and the Walt Disney Company will host the 12th Annual Street Games at Thomas Jefferson Park in East Harlem!
Join the fun with a throwback party to play retro games (pogo sticks, hula hoops, double dutch, hippity hops, Box Car Derby and more) dance to classic music, and watch live performances by a yo-yo master, hip-hop breakdancers, and the Dance Theatre of Harlem. 
Thomas Jefferson Park 114th Street and Pleasant Ave | More info on Disney's Street Games
Flushing Healthy Kids Day 

Saturday, April 27, 2019 ( 10:00 am - 3:00 pm  // Open to all ages) Healthy Kids Day is the YMCA's largest Summer camp Open House of the season! Come learn about Y camps, meet the staff, and take a tour of the facilities. All day activities include early childhood enrichment, face painting, STEM activities, with bouncy houses and snacks. Scheduled activities include safety around water activities, youth breakdance/hip hop, family obstacles, family yoga and more!

Flushing YMCA  138-46 Northern Boulevard  | More on Healthy Kids Day 


Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge: 

From their very first class, CJ and Tristan fell in love with indoor rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge and Mike and I were pretty impressed with how fearless they were as they powered through to reach the top. 

During BKB adventure days (9:00 am - 3:30 pm) through climbing, team-building exercises, S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) activities and more, your child will learn how to become big-hearted, open-minded, and prepared for the world ahead. Available year round according to NY public school holidays. 

Cook and Climb adventure days (9:00 am - 3:30 pm // ages 5-12) are meant to teach kids about the relationship between physical activities and healthy eating habits by working up an appetite through boot camp style obstacle courses and as much climbing as they can handle. BK Boulders has partnered with the Connected Chef to teach kids how to make their own healthy lunch, snack, and sweet treats. 

 2310 41st Ave Long Island City | More info Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge

Rising New York Road Runners: 

Running was life for me from middle school through my sophomore year of High School, short distance was my thing. I dreamed of 4x4 relays in my sleep. Proudly it's in my boy's blood too and it's a fantastic way to not only stay in shape and burn some energy but to relieve daily stress.
 Being type A even as a teen and attending a Specialized High School in the City I looked forward to hitting the track.  
Rising New York Road Runners is designed to develop movement skills in kids of all ages, and abilities, through a mix of running and fitness activities. Here, kids build confidence, gain motivation, and fuel their desire to stay active.

Saturday, June 15th 2019 NYRR Queens 10K (9:30 am // up to age 11) Youngsters, come out to Queens for some unforgettable fitness fun this summer and join Rising New York Road Runners at the NYRR Queens 10K. This event is open to Stage 1 participants and will feature an array of fun fitness games and activities, followed by age-appropriate short runs. It's the perfect way to introduce your kids to the world of physical activity for free! 

There's also NYRR stage 2 events happening in Jersey City and Brooklyn in May and NYRR stage 2 and 3 events for girls in Central Park coming up on June 8th.
Various locations | More info on Rising NYRR Youth

Aerial Kids Cirque and Family Acro at The Muse Brooklyn: 

More often than not it feels like I'm the ringmaster of our household circus with the boys flipping and flopping from one sofa to the next and twirling and swinging from their bunkbed poles. If your kids are like mine, I'm sure they'd have a blast burning off some energy at The Muse Brooklyn. 

Aerial Kids Cirque is an aerial silk class for kids, with no experience required. (Saturdays 10-11 am and Mondays 4:30-5:30 pm // children thru age 12). This class will focus on exercises to get kids comfortable in the air and teach them basic skills they’ll use in Kids’ Cirque 2. Prerequisites for Cirque 2 include knowing basic climbs (wrap and Russian), foot-locks, and ability to execute basic sequences on the fabric. 

Family Acro Parents and children between the ages of 5-9 will learn how to work together, problem solve, deepen bonds, and gain strength and flexibility together in a safe, fun environment.

350 Moffat Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237 | More info on The Muse Brooklyn

Kids Breaking League: 

If you follow the boys on their Instagram page Lil' Monsters in NYC you may have seen Tristan show off some of his dance moves partly inspired by Bboys and artists like Chris Brown. We're always looking for new classes to try and the Kids Breaking League looked like a lot of fun from their impactful meetups highlighted in their Instagram videos. 

In an effort to help your kids to "Break out their shell" this class will help guide them in basic movements and introduce them to this culture of dance as they learn to tell their own story through the art of "Breaking". With fun music and small challenges, children are motivated to explore their strengths and weakness to build up their dance vocabulary.

Various Locations | More info on The Kids Breaking League


As Master Yoda says, "The greatest teacher, failure is." Every day we fall, get back up and continue learning. Skateboarding is a great lesson in resilience and perseverance. At SKATEYOGI they offer an ego-free zone for all students regardless of their levels, to learn the fundamentals, fun skate tricks, skatepark etiquette and more! Choose from drop-ins, 6-week classes, Spring break day camp or summer camp.

140 Empire Blvd Brooklyn NY 11225 | More info on SKATEYOGI 

EVF Crossfit Youth Program:
When I was a tween, I loved working out with my mom while she used her Jack Lalane VHS tapes. Aside from weekly trips to the park to rip and run I developed a passion for fitness by the time I was 12. Crunches, the treadmill and working on my Popeye arms were fun and I was enrolled in Tae Kwon Do and ran Track and Field through H.S. Maintaining excellent grades in school were definitely partially attributed to my desire to join sports teams.

The EVF Youth program is based on CrossFit Kids and designed to give children an extra shot of strength, confidence, focus and encouragement. Your kid won’t be sitting on the sidelines because they’ll be too busy learning the principles of mechanics, consistency, and intensity in working out. EVF provides children with physical literacy, enhanced sports performance, and fewer sports injuries. Scientific research proves exercise benefits cognitive function so your little athlete will do better on the field and in the classroom. 

Upper East Side + Columbus Circle | More info on EVF Crossfit Youth 

Ninja Warrior Youth at Brooklyn Zoo:
Hands down one of our fave shows to watch together as a family is American Ninja Warrior, the boys can't get enough of watching contestants show off their agility. What kid wouldn't want to swing, run and climb for fun? It only makes sense that a class like this would exist. 

Brooklyn Zoo NY teaches the beginner to the advanced student that wants to become the next ninja warrior with a combination of parkour, tumbling and more. Kids can also choose from trampoline classes, Nerf Events and Parkour with their parents! 

230 Bogart Street  | more information on Brooklyn Zoo

Whether you're an NYC Native or visiting, there are various opportunities to encourage exercise and inspire confidence. Which event or class would inspire your teens & tweens to get moving?

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