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Nike Adventure Club: The New Sneaker Subscription Service Encouraging Play

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post filled with 100% honest opinion. 

Back to School is in full swing and you can usually call me last minute Susie, but this year I actually got a headstart on supply shopping. I'd been procrastinating & dreading hitting the stores to stock up on gym clothes, sports gear, and sneakers for our two boys who seem to outgrow everything at lightning speed and although they have a great personal style, they have absolutely no patience to shop. 

Imagine how intrigued I was when Nike invited us out to an exciting day on Governors Island to learn all about their newly launched sneaker subscription service. Nike Adventure Club is going to save parents time and spare in-store headaches by sending a new pair of cool sneakers directly to your active kids at home. 

In a world of Fortnite and Youtube crazed tweens and teens, it's always been important to Mike and I to encourage our two boys to find ways to unplug and play here in NYC and luckily they love everything from hip-hop dance, track and field, basketball, volleyball and they've recently started flag football with our local city parks program. 

A day of Adventure on Governor's Island sounded like the perfect way to get away from the city to learn all about the new Nike Adventure Club subscription service and for our lil' monsters to rip and run, just across the water. 

Even our soccer-playing, preschool bound nephew Q joined us for the full day of activities. We learned that our teen son's phobia of boats was legit when he skipped on attending (like most G.I visits) due to the predicted inclement weather. I'll tell you now, I wish a service like this existed before he became this giant man-child who rocks size 11.5 sneakers in men before even entering high school. 

We jump-started the morning at Nike Headquarters and the kids had such a good time with the amazing team of energetic ambassadors on their basketball court before enjoying a yummy breakfast. I'm always so impressed by the little details like the tasty Nike swoosh waffles that were calling my name. I swear they were whispering to me "Just do it" as I debated whether or not have one, lol. Once we fueled our bellies, the kids ran off to play some more while us parents got the scoop on why this new subscription service is a must-have. Check out our Youtube video of the incredible day we had thanks to Nike and learn all you need to know about the club below.

What Exactly is the Nike Adventure Club? 

Kids certainly seem to grow like wildflowers and I'm sure you can relate to always being on the hunt for cool, fun kicks that will not only keep up with their busy bodies but that represent their individual personal styles and are friendly on your wallets. 

STEP 1. Select a plan that's right for you - choose how often you want to receive a new adventure kit with options for once a month to 4 times a year. 

STEP 2. Choose from a fresh selection of Nike and Converse shoes (Sizes from 4 child to 7 youth) - when it's time they'll send you an email to pick out your shoes of choice. If your kids are like mine they'll be eager to pick out their own and the site makes it super easy for them to do so. If the kicks aren't the right size or if you aren't quite feeling the style, exchange them easily for free.

We typically visit our neighborhood Skyview mall for the Nike and Converse outlet stores but the lines are always out the door, so a service like this is a dream come true and a time saver. 

STEP 3.  Your adventure kit arrives -  What kid doesn't love receiving a package with their name on it? Y]our new shoes and adventure kit arrive at your door with your child's name on the customized box. And what's even cooler is they won't need mom and dad to cut the box open there's an easy to pull tab that will allow them to open it themselves and check out their special delivery right away.  

STEP 4. Let the adventure begin - You'll receive everything you need to run, jump and play as a healthy and more adventurous family.  An unexpected inclusion is an adventure journal to jot down moments from each experience. If you pop by @nikeadventureclub on Instagram there will be new adventures coming soon weekly, plus they update their adventure page

How Much Does the Adventure Club Cost? 

Let's be real, sneaker shopping can be costly and as our active kids grow it can seem like we're buying a new pair all of the time, right?  With the Nike adventure club, you can easily choose the most affordable plan for your budget and your child's lifestyle. 

PLAYFUL KIDS:  For $20/ Month ($240 for the year) your child will receive 4 pairs (1 pair every 90 days) 

ACTIVE KIDS: For $30/ Month ($360 for the year) your child will receive 6 pairs (1 pair every 60 days)

ADVENTUROUS KIDS: For $50/ Month ($600 for the year) your child will receive 12 pairs (1 pair every 30 days)

 If the shoes don't fit or your not a fan of the style it's free and easy to exchange them. 

An Adventure Filled Day on Governors Island
If you're looking for somewhere to tire out the kids without having to travel too far from the city, Governors Island is one of our fave places to visit with family and friends. Just the idea of getting to ride the ferry over is a pretty cool way to start the adventure.  If you want to, pack some lunches or buy from a vendor on the island and plan to spend the day roaming and discovering across the 170+ acres of land.  With play fountains, structures to climb and swing on, the longest slide in NYC measuring at 57 ft., biking and walking tours you can keep kids of all ages busy for hours. 

We all loaded onto the chartered bus from Nike HQ and the boys and I were so hyped to watch Space Jam while making our way downtown to board a private ferry to G.I. Once we hopped off the ferry we had the choice of hitching a ride on the golf carts or to test out our new kicks with a walk over to the Collective Governors Island retreat area, which takes camping to a whole new level! 

The kids and their grown-ups had a blast getting down to basics by just enjoying the simplicity of unplugging. Comfy footwear was definitely essential to playing tag and tug of war, chasing bubbles, tossing bean bags and of course working up an appetite. To keep us fueled, a healthy lunch was provided and included, lean breaded chicken tenders, lightly seasoned curly fries, fruits and veggies and more! In between the fun and games if anyone needed to take a break there was face painting, caricature drawings, and tattoos. 

We've been to Governor's Island several times but checking out Adventures at GI with team Nike was a very cool first experience. Considered a pop-up amusement park, you can get lost in fun and test your problem-solving skills in the 3,600 sq. ft. Amaze'n Maze. With incredible views of the Statue of Liberty zipline from a 35ft. peak across the grass lawn and see if you're up for the challenge of 3 unique climbing courses with 25 ft. high walls. We're already planning our next visit because we didn't get the chance to try out the cool-looking mini-golf course. 

Currently, pricing varies for each individual activity but they're offering guests the chance to do all 4 activities for just $25. Trust me for NYC that's a steal! Honestly, if you and your Lil' monsters are open-minded and not afraid of heights, it's so worth it. I guarantee you, the visit will be a mom win and as I type this I'm crossing my fingers and manifesting warm weather through October so we can meet up with friends just in time for pumpkin picking on the island. 

How Can You Support Play & A Community of Movers?

As advocates for getting #LilMonstersMove 'n, I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate that Nike has partnered with organizations like Kaboom, project lemonade, made to play and with love, to help make the difference in the lives of a generation that's just not moving their bodies nearly as much as they should. 

Quality playgrounds in NYC are seemingly sparse outside of the borough of Manhattan, so we were very proud of our teen CJ (green shirt above) who joined his school's committee to design a new space for the entire community to play in thanks to the #NYCPlaygroundsProgram with Trust for Public Land

In partnership with Nike Grind, club members participate in two big shoe collection drives per year - one around Earth Day in April and then in November around Thanksgiving. With any outgrown shoes cluttering up your home, you have the option to send the kicks back to Nike in a prepaid bag and the gently used ones will go to families in need while the others are recycled and turned into new playgrounds and new surfaces. Pretty awesome, right? 

Sign up for the awesome new Nike adventure club here and let us know your kid's favorite place to play where you live. 

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