Saturday, June 13, 2020

Disney Artemis Fowl Trailer Reaction Video & DIYS for a Magical Watch Party

Believers in the infinite power of magic, who geeked out over the series of books written by Eoin Colfer, were not thrilled at all with the trailer for Disney's Artemis Fowl. With the fantasy adventure film being released this weekend directly to Disney Plus we figured we'd check out the trailer to see what all the fuss was about. Check out our reaction video and if you're planning to host a watch party we have some fun themed treats to share!


Mike and I grew up reading the Harry Potter Series and binging all the films, so I of course immediately thought that Artemis Fowl would be something along those lines or like Percy Jackson but with cooler CGI effects. 

Our boys have never been big Potter fans (please don't judge us, lol) but they've repeatedly watched instant favorites like Spiderwick Chronicles and Zathura. 

We watched the trailer with no expectations or much prior knowledge of what the movie was about. All ll I mentioned to my boys was that the film told the story of a 12-year-old kid, Artemis, (Ferdia Shaw) who comes from a long line of criminal masterminds and ends up having to save his dad (Colin Farrell) who's been kidnapped by fairies (Judi Dench). 
Our tween, Tristan cracked up when I mentioned the fairies part. 

When an iconic character from our childhood is recreated years later, there's sure to be some tough criticism. Do ya remember when the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer dropped last year? Mega fans made it known how unhappy they were. Nobody wants their project to receive backlash but at the same time can you ever really make everyone happy? 

Let us know what you thought of the movie trailer in the comments!

We're way more excited about seeing it now that we've seen the trailer. It has all the elements we enjoy in a movie, magic and weirdly cool mythical/fairytale creatures, exciting fight scenes, and of course misunderstood bad guys. Loving Josh Gads role as Mulch Diggums in this, we've got a funny feeling he's going to end up being our favorite character.  

Make sure to check out our full review of Artemis Fowl and stream it on Disney Plus with your family!

Thinking of Hosting a Watch Party?

We've rounded up some awesome DIYS and goodies from our crafty, movie-loving friends!

Host the Ultimate Artemis Fowl Themed Party with Printables from Elva M. Design 

Time Freeze Coconut Lime Popsicles from The Everyday Mouse 

Artemis Fowl Inspired Kids T-shirt DIY from Sprinkle DIY 

Mulch Diggems Shirt from The Desert Chica 

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