Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Having a Moment: What's your Disciplining Style?

            I know I'm not alone in this but as a parent, on occasion I reach a point where my boys can really get on my nerves. I've been testing out various discipline methods and although this week has been a bit calmer, they have both been really testing limits and acting, well quite crazy.  You'd think that with a background in Education {currently finishing my masters in Elementary Education and was a Preschool teacher for 5 years} and a Bachelors degree in Forensic Psychology {mostly studying behavior} I could figure out a way to take charge with my boys. I know there is no right answer for this and it's always a debatable topic between the hubby and I and many households i'm sure but What is the best way to discipline your child?
            Lately my first born, my sweetheart, CJ has been a little mouthy {constantly talking back} and grouchy. I'm not sure what has gotten into him! With Tristan already turning 1
I think it's too late to say that CJ is acting out because of the new baby. The problem is he's too dang smart for his own good and combined with his mother's attitude he's been getting into trouble quite a bit. I've tried timeouts, he throws himself in the corner for his 7 minutes and pops back up when it's over un-phased by the few moments of silence. We've tried showing him the consequences of his behavior. We try to make sure the punishment fits the crime so that he understands why it's happening. He's currently going 2 months without Wii video game privileges, for slacking with homework because he's become too preoccupied with how Super Mario will make it to the next level without pinching his tush on those spiky things. I'm shocked he's lasted this long, although we have made some concessions by bending the rules a little for the older kids to play at the baby's 1st birthday party, and the weekend we found out he made the Honor Roll {proud mommy grin}.
               If you ask the Hubby he'll tell you a good pow-pow is in order every now and then to set a child straight and keep that level of fear and respect. I was never really spanked as a kid, but my dad and I definitely got into screaming matches as I reached my late teens. I guess those arguments were because they always allowed me to voice my opinions or as the Hubby would say "You guys back-talked your parents" and as my opinion differed we clashed more. We were watching the season premiere last night of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood on Oxygen, we get a kick out of watching them because they are so relatable. Dean, like my own Hubby seems to be the grounding force of the house when us ladies tend to let our emotions take over or when we dream big seemingly unrealistic dreams or when we fail to put our foot down with the kids.Tori discusses her 17 Tori-isms about life with kids in a sit down with Parenting magazine and discusses here, how she has become less of a softy with her kids.
Tori Spelling during a photo shoot with Liam and Stella source
           In one particular scene Tori was in the midst of a photo shoot with the kids while Dean was out of town. Her oldest child Liam {such a charming kid} was a hot mess, smacking her in the face, trying to pull her lash extensions out  and all the while she was concerned with how the crew and friends around her would judge her as a parent. Why couldn't she reign in her child's behavior? Liam was given a timeout but Tori did admit that she wasn't the disciplinary and that when Dean's away Liam knows how to push her buttons. I don't favor spankings{ I've given CJ a spanking maybe three times his whole little life and it broke my heart} but I know that my screaming and yelling is no better, for me or the kids. It got to a point where Chris would yell at his friends and say things like "Are you hearing me? you better start listening" while talking through his teeth in frustration and I knew he was mimicking us.
CJ at Toys R' US Times Square

             One of CJ's biggest issues is his need to always get, get, get!! and it's my fault i guess because the Hubby says I spoil him. He'd never admit to doing it himself although recently CJ suckered him with his big cheeseball smile into getting this Beyblade set he wasn't supposed to get till Christmas. CJ was never really jealous of the baby until the birthday party, he constantly broke into tears as Tristan was showered with gifts and we opened cards for the baby that were filled with $20 bills. CJ made sure to count it all to compare what was in his Lightning McQueen wallet. There was no way it would be acceptable that his younger brother could buy twice as many packs of Pokemon cards then he could. It was good thinking on his Nana's part, she came prepared with a special gift just for the big brother. The hubby and I have been considering volunteering on the weekends and setting limits on what he gets; no more begging for that new toy that sings while doing flips and tricks while glowing in the dark, when he knows we are just going to Target for toiletries and granola bars!
         I promised CJ I would scale down my yelling, he knows that stress isn't good for mommy's Crohns disease. I know that whatever this moment is, it's just a phase that I'm hoping will pass soon. I guess he's making up for never putting us through the terrible 2's, which I'm already anticipating with Tristan who has a big temper for such a tiny person. It boggles my mind that at 10 months old he already went through a moment of aggressive mannerisms. I know kids model what they see and aren't fully capable of communicating their needs but we aren't walking around biting people and certainly not head butting anyone when we are in a crappy mood. Once he did that to me in a Target while I was trying to console his over tired self. The Hubby laughed so hard but honestly I almost dropped him due to pure instinct. Tristan is definitely testing limits, his favorite activity of the day is turning the TV on and off and laughs hysterically while doing it. I usually just remove him from whatever area he's causing chaos in and firmly tell him "No thank you" with an explanation , even though I know he doesn't understand fully but I know it's better than wagging my finger and shouting empty "No's". What's your disciplining style? Do you dole out the timeouts, give pow-pows, or try to talk it out and revoke privileges? Do you discipline or plan to discipline your kids the same way your parents did? 

xoxo, Dellah


Monday, November 28, 2011

A Cause for Jubilation: Peppermint & Gingerbread

             It just wouldn't be Christmas for me if I didn't have a few Candy Cane and Gingerbread treats laying around. There's nothing like the sweetness and spice of these two holiday staples. What are some of your favorite holiday sweets you must have and might not be inclined to share with Santa & his reindeer?

 Naomi from BakersRoyale decided she'd had enough of Starbucks holiday assortment of lattes and would make her own inspired creations in the form of a cupcake.
Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes Recipe here 
Peppermint Mocha Cupcake recipe here

This mug I spotted on  NotMartha  decked out in a tiny candy cane roofed gingerbread house had the hubby and I running to the kitchen to turn on our Keurig. Now to only decide between White hot chocolate or Gingerbread  coffee. These adorable lil houses would be a perfect Christmas eve activity for the family.

I found the recipe here.

Around this time last year all my Hubby and CJ ever baked in the house were Snickerdoodles, to the point that I honestly couldn't stand the sight of them. This peppermint version seems like a lovely remix on an already tasty cookie. The Hubby loves new twists on his favorites and is looking forward to making these. In small doses I'm sure I will enjoy.

image found here
These yummy Gingerbread Bundt cakes would be delicious anytime of day!

Recipe to drink up
Why not celebrate with a Candy Cane cocktail infused with Vodka?

Featured on

Tis the season , 

xoxo, Dellah

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Revel in NY: Weekend Happenings Nov.25th - Nov. 27th

Well I must say my house is sure smelling great right now and the Hubby is just about finished. My parents are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at their place this year for about 18 people and my Hubby was given the main attraction "The Turkey". Everyone knows that my Hubby loves to throw down in the kitchen and has to out do himself every year. The flavorful aromas in here are making my mouth water with excitement {I'm sorry I can't share with you}. I've never really been a fan of turkey but he's completed brining the bird and I'll probably steal a piece before we even make it to dinner. Here's a video on brining in case you've never tried it. Recently the Hubby tried it with chicken and it was amazingly moist and juicy{don't tell him I shared this with you he'd kill me}. Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner or are you going to a collective get together of loved ones? What's your must have on the menu? My boys and I wish you and your loved ones continued blessings and full tummies. Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a brief weekend list of things happening in NYC this weekend, enjoy!

Key to Events:
{E} for everyone {D} for a date {C} for the Chicas {K} for the kiddies
{F} for the Fellas {P} for the pets

Friday Nov. 25th - Jan 16th ~ The Holiday Train Show ~
( 10am-6pm) {E}
Adults: $20 Students/Seniors: $18 Children 2-12: $10 Children under 2: Free Members: Free / Buy Here
This cherished tradition delights people of all ages. Marvel at the charming model trains and New York City landmark replicas. Replicas of some of NYC's most famous landmarks are on display and are made from nuts, bark and leaves. Visitors can stroll the spectacular grounds, decorate (and eat!) gingersnaps, break for lunch and hot chocolate, and shop for everyone on your list. New this year: Visitors will have the opportunity to see just how these amazing replicas are made. This weekend is the Holiday Tree lighting (4pm-5:15pm)
where you can view a beautiful Conifer tree being lit for the season and sing along with carolers.
Location: 2900 southern blvd, Bronx, New York
For more information:

Friday Nov. 25th - Sunday Nov. 27th ~ Knuffle Bunny: A cautionary Tale ~
(Fri. 2pm, Sat. 11am and 2pm, Sun. 11am and 2pm) {K/ 3+} $15-$25
A simple trip to the Laundromat turns into a heart-wrenching look at family dynamics, love, loss and parenting - all through catchy songs, delightful staging and a few charming surprises. Every child has his or her Knuffle Bunny, and every parent has dealt with a "boneless" moment, or two, or perhaps ten!Knuffle Bunny is sure to provide your family with a fun-filled day and make you want to revisit all your child’s favorite stories by Mo Willems.
Location: The Skirball Center at 566 Laguardia place at at Washington Square South.
For more event information:

Friday Nov. 25th ~ 28th Annual Tree Lighting Spectacular ~
(6pm-8pm) {E} FREE
Now that the Turkey has started to settle in our bellies it's time to celebrate the Holiday season by the South Street Seaport.  Enjoy a seven minute "sparkle at the seaport" light show. There will be performances from the Big Apple Circus, Soul Tigers Marching Band, All Male Barbershop Chorus, and the Darren Wallis Jazz Trio. Join Santa and other costumed Characters as they countdown the lighting of the tree. Santa Clause will stick around till 8pm for photos. Rock and Roll icon Ronnie Spector will give a special performance. 
Location: The South Street Seaport, along historic Front Street, from Fulton Street to Beekman Street.
For more event information:

Saturday Nov. 26th & Sunday Nov. 27th  ~ Urban Ballet Theater: Nutcracker in the Lower ~
(Sat. 3pm and 7:30pm, Sun. 3pm) {E} $20 Buy them here

Photo by John Ruocco via
Urban Ballet Theater re-imagines The Nutcracker with krumping rats and popping soldiers in Nutcracker in the Lower for its 10th anniversary year. Daniel Catanach, Artistic Director of UBT, is acclaimed for his movement vocabulary that innovates storytelling for both children and adults. Nutcracker in the Lower explodes with daring delight, twisting the classic story of Clara and her magical adventures to reflect Manhattan's cultural diversity.Tchaikovsky's original score remains largely intact throughout the ballet, injected  with the baselines of hip-hop and the burnished cante of flamenco.
Location: Abrons Art Center 466 Grand street at Pitt street.
For more event information:

If you are just visiting for the weekend or you are an everyday New Yorker, whatever you decide to do just enjoy the moment and Revel in all that is *NYC*

XOXO, Dellah

Dellah's Jubilation always intends to give proper attribution; if a credit was foreseen it was purely accidental and credit will be given where it's due. Any image without attribution unless noted otherwise is the property of Dellah’s Jubilation. If you’d like to use this image please contact me for consent. Dellah's Jubilation is only suggesting events that are thought to be fun and interesting based on opinion. Dellah's Jubilation is not responsible for cancelled events or any other event changes (time, location etc.) due to mother nature or those running the event. Please double check all links to event for updates and changes. Dellahs


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lil' Monsters in NYC: Check out The Macy's 85th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

Image via ZackRock on pinterest
Growing up I remember year after year waking up bright and early {and probably still dark as night out}, my mom making us kids wear several layers of clothes {sometimes the scarves had to be wrapped around our faces} and Thermos's were filled with hot chocolate as we got ready to start off our turkey day  with the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. Kids don't seem to feel the NYC frigid temperatures standing outside waiting for the first marching band to play and to catch a glimpse of that first favorite balloon character; float overhead. There have been a few years where we opted to stay home nice and toasty and watched the parade on television {it's still up in the air about CJ and I going this year}. I feel like it's something every New Yorker must do {as a rite of passage} at least once in their lifetime and that tourists will definitely want to see if they are visiting for the holiday.

Image from

The first parade that took place back in 1924 has evolved into something I'm sure Herbert Strauss{then president of R.H Macy & Co.} probably never dreamed would be so amazing. This Thanksgiving tradition continues to bring smiles to millions of viewers from right here in New York and all over the world. This year's new Giant balloons include The Aflac Duck Balloonicle by Aflac, Julius by Paul Frank {my fave} and my son CJ's anticipated favorite being reintroduced Sonic the Hedgehog that will be joining classics characters like Kermit the frog. There seems to be a lot of buzz over the new Novelty balloon B. by Tim Burton who's a freakishly cute lil character. Notable talent that will be highlighted at the parade are: Avril Lavigne, Cee Lo Green, Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus, The Fresh Beat Band, Grandma & the Big Apple circus, Johnny Weir, Mary J. Blije, Neil Diamond, The smurfs and more. Enjoy being entertained by Bands and performance groups and pick your favorite floats that pass by! 

The Parade back in the 1930's 
Image source via

A menagerie of Balloons have floated through history in NYC and this year will mark it's 85th anniversary and will continue to be a tradition loved by millions for years to come. Have you ever wondered how the new balloons featured are picked? Read here and tell me What character would you like to see featured as a Helium balloon in a future parade?

Pre-Parade Activities

image via:
Kids of all ages will be amazed as they watch the larger than life balloons be filled with helium in preparation for tomorrow's parade. Rush the kids after school over to 77th and 81st streets between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue; enter at 79th street and Columbus Avenue from 3pm-10pm. 

image via:

For tonight's bedtime story run over to Barnes and Nobles and pick up "Balloons Over Broadway" by Cadelcott winner Melissa Sweet. With Sweets beautiful artwork the story of puppeteer Tony Sarg, the visionary behind the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is told.

Let's Get Marching! Off to the Parade:   Tips for parade Goers

  • Keep Warm: wear extra layers, bring a blanket and a thermos of hot cocoa, coffee or tea. It would even be wise to park yourselves in front of a coffee shop or deli.
  • Get there early: Don't under estimate the likelihood of a crowd, they will be there as early as 6am {some even earlier} If taking the subway check for directions and scheduled delays. Here's are the top 6 spots to view the parade.
  • Pick a good spot to view the action: stay away from 34th street and Macy's you won't see much of anything. Columbus Circle is a good spot and you can always run into the Time Warner building or one of the Starbucks in the area to use the restroom. If you want to be finished early and have Turkey day lunch you should probably stay further Uptown.
  • The Essentials needed: Make sure to have snacks to keep grumbling tummies down to a whisper, have a camera, and maybe even a folding picnic chair to cop a squat {as a kid, we always just sat on the sidewalk or on top of an uncles shoulders, a few years back another young woman helped me hold CJ up on the blue barricade so he could see} and make sure to have a few items to keep anxious kids busy: a book, a toy or a Leapster/Nintendo DS.
The parade will begin at 9am and starts at Central Park West and 77th street. Click here for more details on who & what you will see and hear at tomorrow's parade. Have a great time, count your blessings and Happy Turkey Day to you and yours!

Xoxo Dellah  


    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    Fabulous FĂȘte: Tristan's Circus Themed First Birthday {Snow and all}

     Tristan's 1st birthday I'd say was a great success, even with a few imperfections and totally random snowy weather in NYC for  October. There were some fine details I did leave out: I  forgot to put the circus animal cake toppers on the cake. I shouldn't have used my IPhone as my only source to play the customized carnival playlist I made on Rhapsody {Click here, if you'd like to listen to my mix of circus/birthday/kidz bop party tunes}, due to the storm I had a bunch of apologetic texts and calls.  I planned to have a room full of balloons, we should have ordered the balloons much earlier seeing as mother nature had a very different agenda and the roads were crazy to drive on. Nonetheless I think we all had a great time clowning around, and dressing up. I think the same number of people who didn't show would have been the same amount even if the sun had been out. Here are a few pics...

    The Birthday Boy testing out the costumes

     I found these invites at Target in the $1 bin a few months back and knew I could spice them up with a few dimensional circus stickers from Martha Stewart and puffy stickers by Sticko

    The hubby and I did some clowning around ourselves while my sis and brother helped with making up the treat boxes for this Circus/Halloween party which included: clown noses, animal crackers, lollipops, pencils and mini chewy granola bars.

    Caramel Corn, Peanuts and Churros, OH MY! We definitely had enough goodies to satisfy a sweet tooth.

    The Hubby made Tristan's giant Chocolate Chip cookie & the cupcakes. I loved the cupcake stands, red & white striped table cover and colorful pennants we got from Oriental trading it really pulled it all together!

    Presenting Tristan Riley the Circus Tiger  

     These chocolate covered Oreo Lollipops were done for me by the Etsy shop: La Fuffie's Boutique which sells an assortment of sweet treats and favors for any occasion. I got in contact with Jocelyn and she did a wonderful job on my rush order. Our guests loved these circus animal favors, that would also be great for a jungle/safari themed event. Jocelyn can also create tags, wrappers and invitations for your next event! Check out her page for her new Holiday products.

    We had a good friends niece attend the party and do the face painting, which we were told was a nice touch to the party, especially for those who didn't wear a costume. The grown-ups even got in on the fun and had some artwork done too!

                              The party guests really made sure to show up decked out in Costumes

    Grandparents having a good time celebrating.

    Emily the Tightrope Walker.

    By far this was the most creative costume and got the most laughs.

    This was Tristan's 2nd cupcake, he had to taste test one earlier . 

    I think he approved of his Daddy's baking skills.

     We are really appreciative of everyone coming out to celebrate our Miracle baby Tristan Riley's 1st Birthday. We are so glad {despite my daily battles with Crohns disease and doctors concerns} that we  followed our hearts and now have crazy filled, giggle fest days with our lil coo-coo monkey and look forward to the years to come.

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    Revel in NY: Check out C. WONDER for Fab Gift Shopping

    The recently opened Soho shop C. Wonder can be described by all of those words and more for it's colorful & preppy clothing, fabulous & vibrant decor for the home, reasonably priced & chic accessories and even a few goodies for your pet! When my chica Erin and I went to check it out last weekend, I realized maybe our decision to indulge in the store a bit on a Saturday afternoon may not have been a good idea. For only having been open for about a month you could tell the store had already created a lot of buzz {don't let a crowd deter you, it should peak your interest}. How could you not be tempted to have a glimpse behind those shiny Green doors to see what's inside.? Here's a peak at some of the store and I'd suggest you'd go check it out for your holiday gift shopping! Don't forget to treat yourself to a little something {I was in love with a pen covered in sparkly cascading shades of purple, that was only $6} that is really affordable and you'll absolutely love.  

    When you walk into the store you are instantly in awe and probably can't decide which way to go first. The Floral Vespa is too cute! Here's another up close pic of it with a celebrity rider.
                                           {Top & bottom image from C. Wonder's Facebook page}

    LOOK UP!  I missed these teapot lights when I was in the store, just another reason the store is so unique.

    Quilted Jackets, Puffer Vests, Blazers and more.
             Even ask to have them monogrammed {I hear it's free, I wonder if that's a permanent perk?}

    Initialed mugs and notepads are great for the office, a blogger {Hint hint to my peeps}or your kids favorite teachers.

    Loving these funky piggy speakers! 

    I spied an awesome ride for the stylish and fun biker. This awesome bike was a giveaway on the Ellen Degeneres show to audience fans. 20% of  all bikes  purchased until Nov. 26 will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

    Loving this resin box and beautiful animal print frames, they would look wonderful on any shelf.
       Check out these other resin boxes that were featured on the Nate Berkus Show.

    Mix and match pieces to decorate your table with or to even display your jewelry on.

                   Varied sized, brightly colored bags to carry you through the day graced lovely shelving.

     We all know accessories can pull together an outfit and their enamel bracelets and gorgeous earrings   definitely make a statement. I almost passed it but make sure to check out the charm bracelet station.

    Be sure to check C. Wonder out on their Facebook page  to view more products and sign up for their emails to  get updates and the date for when their online shop opens up before the holidays. If you haven't gotten enough of this wonderful store Lonny Magazine did a feature on it. Read it here 

    With all this C. Wonder at your fingertips did you spy anything you must have? Have you been to the store yet? Did you get any special goodies? Oh do tell!
    xoxo, Dellah


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