Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh Snaps! A Peek at My Week on Instagram {#13}

Happy Monday! How was your week?  I've been in great discussion with the Hubby as I debate going back to work {part time or full time} and what would be best for our family. Decisions, decisions, decisions... in the meantime I'm enjoying every Summer moment we have left.

I realized the boys and I had been stuck in the house since last weekend, held prisoner to threats of thunderstorms. Which meant a lot of cooking for the Hubby and double the eating for me. This photo of my pastrami, fried egg, cheese and avocado sandwich was an amazing start to the day.

Tristan Riley has taken it upon himself to start his potty training, & I think other than the tissue sniffing he understands the process. I better jump on it before he takes matters further into his own hands.

Did you ever see the film "The Neverending Story"? this photo I took from our living room window reminded  me of the darkness called the Nothing that took over. All you 80's babies will get it.  

Another breakfast courtesy of the Hubby, enjoyed while watching Breaking Bad on Netlfix.

National Dance day was this Saturday. The boys & I love any reason to get up and move to a catchy beat {images found on Pinterest}.

Tristan Riley & I enjoyed a rainy day story time before his afternoon nap.The song "You are my Sunshine" has been a favorite for me & the boys since the Hubby and I started dating nearly 10 years ago. When we found this book at the New York Baby show earlier this year we had to have it.

Seeing as we hadn't been out in a while {sans the kids} we jumped at the chance to head into the city for our friend Drew's Birthday. We bribed my sis Nicole to babysit the boys with this Tiger Shrimp & pasta dish the Hubby made.

{Top left} The Hubby (on the left) & Drew cheering to another year of life. // We were watching the Olympics opening ceremony from the bar at Tonic while I snapped this pic of us. // It's always good times with Tina {Drew's girlfriend} and Ms. J, can't wait for the next get together. 

On Sunday despite the threats of rain, we headed to the Bronx Zoo and the storm clouds stayed away, allowing us to have a great time without the usual crowds of people {they must've been scared of the forecast}. That sculpture of the Gorilla was made of Lego's and took 350 hours to make. Pretty dang amazing, another visitor and I joked seeing that we can't get our kids to keep still for more than 35 minutes.

Tristan Riley was thrilled when the carousel ride was over, it clearly wasn't his favorite part of the day. However the boys did get a kick out of searching for the prairie dogs, which brought back memories of when I was kid with my cousins, popping my head out of those same tunnels.

There were a few sun showers as we started to exit the zoo but our visit turned out to be the perfect ending to a great weekend! I hope you all lived in the moment and had a productive week! 

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Weekend! Let's LINK Up

Hey guy's I've been feeling somewhat out of sorts, maybe it's because I've literally been cooped up in the house all week with tons on the brain. Luckily the Hubby and I are off to a birthday shindig at Tonic for our friend Drew {the best man at our wedding} and we all ways have a great time with him, his wifey Tina and their crew. I'm kinda bummed that we'll be missing the opening ceremony of the Olympics {especially since we got rid of the Dvr}. Will you be tuned in? Here's to hoping we'll be able to catch a glimpse of it at the bar. What do you have planned this weekend? The boys and I are hoping to spend the day at the Zoo, weather permitting. Whatever you're up to I hope you live in the moment and enjoy!

Here's a few links for your clicking pleasure:

Velvet nails seem like the perfect trend for Fall and these donut sprinkle nails look yummy enough to eat.

Pretty amusing outlet covers to prevent the ouchies and a smoke detector with some style.

These oxfords make me happy.

Lemon dessert bowls for those wickedly hot days of Summer.

Beautiful Paris engagement photo's. I can't wait to see the love locks in person, someday.

If I cooked, I'd spend all my time in here, it's such a sexy looking space.

Pillow Fight!! My boys would love these {secretly I do too}.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh Snaps! A Peek at my Week on Instagram {# 12}

With our 2nd half of Summer practically planned out, I definitely enjoy quiet evenings at home when the boys are sleep and it's just me and the t.v.

I love Kermie, this billboard made me smile.

Free Broadway show performances like Cirque Du Soleils Zarkana & my favorite people {Rachel, my boys, & Venesa}to watch it with, make for a great lunch at Bryant Park.

There were two parts to this breakfast:: My cup of coffee with Pooh bear and a cheese pastry I was craving and then the Hubby whipped up some fried eggs with jerk turkey and avocado, beyond tasty!

CJ's bed is decked out in colorful anf fun Ikea bedding. 

After I finished my teaching field work in June my two mentors gave me this bag that I've been rockin' everyday. It's my new "diaper" bag and stays at the door packed and ready to go. 

I know he {the Hubby} loves me because he knows the way to my heart is with food, especially ice cream. 

I enjoyed my scoop of Java chip and it inspired me to jump on Pinterest in search of other cool treats.

This Sunday we headed to Juniper park for my friend Marta's son Lucas's 5th birthday party and it was probably more fun for the grownups then the kids. The Hubby and CJ are calling for a tug-of-war rematch because the grownup on the other team used two hands instead of one.

Tristan Riley's sour face.

4 month old bulldog Coco is the sweetest pup I've ever met. Her owner let her stay with me for 20 minutes because we seemed to share a mutual love for each other. Where's the getaway car when you need it? I could've taken her home with us.


Long time friends enjoying the day: Judtya {w/Susie on her lap}, Marta, me {w/Tristan Riley} and Venesa.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Weekend! Let's LINK Up

Happy Friday! I'm beyond happy that rained earlier today and still cloudy and chilly today because it gives the boys and I a chance to pull out the board games & blocks, catch up on the highly addictive series Breaking Bad  and cuddle up on the couch. I can't believe we are halfway through Summer, where did time go? This pic above of a few NYC kids is probably what all of us wish we were doing during the beginning half of this week because it was blazing hot! What's on your agenda this weekend? We actually have no concrete plans other than a 5 yr olds birthday party at Juniper park on Sunday {one of our favorite parks}. In preparation for the party, I received a text from my girlfriend stating : Water guns have been bought! Game on! so hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Here are a few links from the web to help you pass the time away:

More snaps of Summer during the 1950's here in NYC.

This DIY is perfect to carry all your summer must haves for any warm weather excursion. While you're at it rock this DIY maxi skirt.

If the characters of the hit show Mad Men were working now, here's what their salaries would look like.

I stumbled upon this reading program and It's beyond perfect for keeping the kids reading through the rest of the summer and gives back! I had to share.

I love a good cat eye!

Who wouldn't feel inspired working in this space? Instant cheerfulness and reminds me of this tote.

For all you newbie bloggers or bloggers who just can't splurge on Alt Summit, maybe this event is the way to go.

If schools in NYC looked like this Parisian school we'd never leave, and the parents would want to stay too! {thanks Shoko for sharing}

Yum! I need to grab some peaches on our next trip to the farmers market so the Hubby can make this cake  and I'd never refuse stuffing my face full of this. Maybe I'll even help, lick the bowl!

Here's what I've been up to on the blog this week:

Revel in New York: Amusement in Coney Island
Elated with Etsy: Fabulous Festive Garland
Oh Snaps! A Peek at my Week on Instagram

Thanks for LINKing up today, I hope you live in the moment and enjoy your weekend!
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Lil' Monsters in NYC: Summer Amusement at Coney Island & The NY Aquarium

Lil' Monsters in NYC

We'd been planning for nearly a month, back and forth texting ideas, surfing the web for deals as the days got closer to the arrival of our cousins and their kids from Pennsylvania and decided that we should spend part of their brief 3 day trip at Coney Island's Luna Park & the NYC Aquarium. We loaded up the Joovy and City Mini strollers with snacks and gadgets for the train ride and had a blast.

When you don't have a car and live in any of the 5 boroughs sometimes to get to your destination it may require a 35+ stop train ride, like ours from Queens to Brooklyn {last stop on the F train}. Yet there was no complaining because it gave us a chance to catch up on what everyone had been doing. 

My parents don't get to join us on excursions around the city too often because their no-weekends off jobs don't really allow for it, so it was freakin' great to have them spend the quality time with us and the kids. My dad lives for these moments and will spend the day spoiling the lil' monsters who of course don't mind at all.

If you're hanging on the boardwalk at Coney Island it's an absolute must to pick up some food from Nathan's Famous Hot dogs, in my brother Jay's case the corn dog was his go-to choice.

After the kiddies woke up from their naps we decided to head over to the aquarium. If you ever decide to stop by the aquarium on a Friday like we did for their pay~ as~you~wish {suggested $5} admission after 3pm, I'd suggest you be on line at 2pm because there was a huge crowd. Luckily for us, we had a the NYC zoo's and aquarium family membership so we could skip to the front of the line. This membership has great benefits, I promise you it's worth it if you live in the city and visit these places often like our family of four because it pay's for itself in just a few trips. 

Everyone enjoyed watching the sea lion stunts and dancing to the music at the Aquariums theater show. Tristan applauded for everything and thought it was an opportunity to take a big bath.

Lil' Monsters in NYC

Before we called it a day we decided to jump on a few more rides while the sun was shining. 
Jess and Leah had every planned out intention of flying through the air on the slingshot and somehow suckered my brother and I into braving this thrill ride. In between every flip and turn we managed to laugh and scream "this is awesome" and it was by far the most amazing thing I've ever experienced as far as rides go. I'd even go as far as saying I prefer the slingshot over any roller-coaster because it's over before you know it.  

We couldn't decide whether or not to by one of those unlimited ride wrist bands at Luna park for 4 hours at $24 during weekdays or to just pay per ride at about $3 each. We bought the bands and made sure the kids did at least 8 rides to get our money's worth {Tristan being under age was able to ride 4 of the rides with a paying adult at no cost} and we even lucked out when four other visitors passed off their wristbands to us when they were done riding {just a few more thoughtful New Yorkers}.

To say the least we had a great time, we spent about 3 hours on the rides, stuffing our faces and playing games. The kids rode quite a few times, so the wrist bands were beyond worth it. The only reason we called it a night around 9pm was because it started to rain and we had a long journey home. On Friday nights at 9:30 there's a firework show that we pal to check out in the future. With about 1 hour left on our wristbands we past them on to a few kids just entering, it only seemed right. 

Lil' Monsters in NYC

Coney Island's Luna Park and the New York Aquarium are guaranteed good times, hope you enjoyed the pics!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Elated with Etsy: Fabulous Festive Garland

Garland for a chic & sophisticated fete

Etsy shops: 1.// lillesyster     2.// Fairyfolk    3.// MaraMay Baca    4.// StudioMucci

A colorful dose of fun  & vibrant garland

 Etsy shops:  1.// GreenJazzFace  2.// 1PixiePlace  3.// Gfetti  4.// MadeMary

There are so many upcoming reasons for my closest friends and family members to celebrate in the next 6 months and I've been brainstorming decor ideas for all the upcoming baby-showers, birthday parties, company anniversaries and weddings. Etsy is the perfect place to find statement making garland whether you are looking for something modern, whimsical & romantic or something bold, festive and youthful. Don't you love the creativity behind all of them? It's so hard to decide which route to go but there is definitely something fabulous for every occasion. Here's a few of my other favorites on Pinterest, I am looking forward to an excuse to order one of these!

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