Monday, October 31, 2016

9 Affordable Pet Goods from Groupon to Welcome a New Puppy #Groupon #ad

Some how I've been convinced that we need to add to our little family and since everyone keeps asking when are we going to have a little girl, my hubby and the boys have found the perfect solution: Nutella! My brother in-law Chris's pitbull Bonnie recently gave birth to puppies and we're bringing one home this November. I'll admit Pitbulls have always made me nervous because of the horrible stereo-types out there about the breed, but my BIL's dog and my sister's dog Magic are as sweet as can be, so it's all in how you raise them. Despite having a dog already, preparing for a new dog is quite like preparing to bring home a baby, and there's so much we need to do before her arrival. Thankfully we don't have to break the bank and can find fun and affordable necessities in the Goods category on Groupon that we can have shipped to our apartment.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Four Pomegranate Recipes for Your Next Holiday Dinner #CookwithPOM #Sponsored

Ready or not the holidays are coming, which means for many of us we'll be assuming the role of hostess with the mostest as loved ones near and far come to visit. I absolutely love a house filled with family and friends, good music, laughter and of course yummy food! I'm always looking for easy seasonal dishes that can be whipped up quickly. No fuss no muss or I'm leaving it to the hubby to prepare {he's the professional}. So when my blogger babes and I were invited to a POM- wonderful night out to learn about this trendy fall ingredient and how to mix it up into a combination of savory & sweet dishes, we were all in and of course brought our appetites.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Make it a Family Movie Night with KidFresh and Ice Age Collision Course #KidfreshIceAge #Giveaway

Thank the heavens for quick and easy healthy meal options that can just be popped into the microwave or slid into the oven because these days I just don't have the time. Over the years I rarely cooked to begin with because even when we were dating the hubby has always loved to throw down in the kitchen. I'm the type who worries that the chicken is under cooked and that I'd poison our kids with salmonella contamination so my go to's would be a pasta and veggie dish or a meatloaf {and that's on special occasions, lol}. But ever since he started working the late shift at a fine dining restaurant on the Upper West Side earlier this year, home cooked meals have come far and in between before he leaves in the afternoon. And if it was a day I have to actually head into the office {especially a Monday}, the last thing I want to do when I get home is cook! I'd much rather spend the extra time with my boys on the couch watching a movie. 

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Disney's Moana and A Conversation with Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jorge Ruiz on Following Your Calling in the Arts #Moana


Not knowing much really about the professional world of acting or theater, I'm always searching for ways to inspire and encourage our eleven year old CJ who has expressed an interest in making it on to the big screen someday with his charming yet silly personality, love for dancing and surprising fascination with creating music digitally. While attending this months People En Espanol Festival at the Jacob Javits Center I had the opportunity to get a sneak peek of not yet seen footage from Disney's Moana and sat in on a panel discussion with a member of the films dynamic music team - Tony award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda of the beyond popular Broadway show Hamilton.The morning not only gave us an exclusive look at the behind the scenes travels, artwork and music for the film but provided an enlightening discussion on following our callings and celebrating culture.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Put Down the Gadgets and Get Outdoors for Nickelodeon's WorldWide Day of Play

Our apartment walls are paper thin, so I know my neighbors must think I'm some crazed maniac as I scream at the boys for running from room to room as if we lived in a space the size of a football field opposed to the over-stuffed, over-rated NYC rental we live in. Over the summer we were very laid back about our day to day plans, with so many family passing's and life altering changes we tried not to over extend ourselves too much and wanted the kids to just enjoy relaxing - which if left to them to decide meant the involvement of some sort of gadget or gizmo or them imitating their favorite wrestling moves on our furniture. Every year right before we bid summer farewell we look forward to shutting off the television and the tablets to head outdoors for one awesome day of fun & fitness.  
On Saturday, Sept. 17, Nickelodeon celebrated its 13th annual Worldwide Day of Play in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. The slime-filled event featured Nickelodeon-themed games and fitness-themed activities hosted by Nick’s long-standing local partners, including the Art of Stepping, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City, Canine Companions for Independence, Major League Baseball’s PLAY BALL and World Baseball Classic, NBA Fit, New York Road Runners (NYRR), NFL PLAY 60, Playworks, Special Olympics, Street Soccer USA and USA BMX.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Freshen up Your Tween's Routine with Scented Glad Products #ad #MTNightOut

There come's a point when the kids get a little bit older and they have to start helping out around the house. Not only because it's helps alleviate one more thing that needs to be crossed off the checklist but because it will also instill a sense of responsibility in them that will prove valuable as they go out to face the world on their own. With our oldest CJ starting middle school this fall we thought aside from the chore of cleaning his room we'd freshen up his everyday routine with a few more household duties like taking out the trash.  During a recent mom's night out event with Momtrends' very own Nicole Feliciano we talked about balancing mom life and I realized one way for me to simplify life would be to delegate more tasks for the kids. That evening we also discovered the wonderfully scented line of odor shielding trash bags from Glad as we made our own Glad with Febreeze inspired hand lotions.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our So-Called Balanced Life: Discovering Must Have Products to Simplify the Everyday #MTNightOut #ad

When you're a mama who's juggling life inside and outside of the home, a night out with other women who can undoubtedly relate is always a welcomed pass time, right? I'll be the first to admit - the mama hustle is real! C'mon, it's ok you can admit it too - finding balance can be hard and usually the last thing on our checklist is scheduling in a little well earned "me-time" in between the conference calls, school plays we'd feel guilty about missing, trips to the pediatrician that leave you in waiting rooms well passed your scheduled appointment and scrubbing the gross off the bottoms of toilets {i'm a boy mom}.  Hubby works late nights till 1am as a chef so if I can manage to get a babysitter and I'm not dealing with a Crohn's disease related flare up, there's no way I'm passing on a chance to hang out with my blogger babes. 

Picture a perfect autumn NYC evening with gorgeous rooftop views of the twinkling Soho lights, add some DIY, bubbly and stories of how we manage get it all done with must have products that help us master the chaos and it's surely going to be a good night! Thanks to Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends & Meredith Publications {Parents, Fit Pregnancy, Family Fun and Parents Latina} who gathered tried and true brands like Glad, Quaker Oats,Clorox, Philips Avent & Earth's Bestwe were able to channel our creative sides while discovering & using the best products to make life easier for busy parents. 


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